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NATO Aims to Deepen Ties With Ukraine for Intelligence Sharing and Innovation


NATO is strategizing to enhance collaboration with Ukraine in defense technology and intelligence sharing concerning Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities, as several of its members ease restrictions on Kyiv’s military capabilities.

The ongoing war has prompted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to allocate more resources toward cybersecurity deterrence and monitoring Russia’s military technology, as highlighted by Assistant Secretary General David van Weel during discussions with journalists this week.

“Ukrainians are innovating at a very high speed,” he said Tuesday in Krakow, Poland. “But of course, Russians are not stupid. That means innovation in the battlefield is not a static thing. It’s more like chess.”

Assistant Secretary General David van Weel addressed a global audience at the inaugural Defense Innovators Forum in Krakow, with representatives from 17 countries, including Ukraine, Belgium, and the US, joined dozens of startups developing battlefield technologies.

A primary objective of the initiative is to position Ukraine as a significant tech contributor post-war.

The Krakow event offered startups a chance to connect with investors through a “speed-dating” session. Among them was the NATO Innovation Fund, a €1 billion initiative that recently began deploying its resources.

Discussions at the conference were frequently punctuated by references to Ukraine’s inspiring technological development since the war’s outbreak.

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