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Polish Foreign Minister: 'Won’t Be Surprised' if Russia Tries to Invade Poland Again

Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski said in an interview with Bild on Friday, April 26, that Russia imposes a threat to NATO and he “won’t be surprised” if Russia invades Poland.

Sikorski said: “Russia attacked Poland many times throughout the 500 years of our history. So we won’t be surprised. But in this scenario, Russia will lose, because we, the West, are a lot stronger than Russia. Ukraine is not fighting alone. In contrast to what often happened in the past, we won’t be fighting alone.”

When asked whether Russia might attack a NATO country, Sikorski answered that German politicians “seem to accept that Russia would only be ready in four or five years, and by then, Germany would also be ready. But the thing is, before Russia gets to Germany, it has to go through several other countries.”

The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs is a former war reporter who worked in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he traveled to Ukraine himself and organized donations for the army.

The Foreign Minister hopes that Scholz will change his mind about sending Taurus to Ukraine. Sikorski has repeatedly called for more German weapons aid in recent years, saying: “Well, the United States has delivered long-range missiles to Ukraine. The famous ATACMS missiles with a range of 300 kilometers. And I this the Chancellor understands that it is a response to the drastic Russian escalation. The Russians have already shut down 70 percent of Ukraine’s power generation capacity. Which is actually a war crime.”

The Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz continues refusing to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine, despite the US and German opposition’s urging to do so.

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