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Russia Threatens UK With Strikes in and Beyond Ukraine Over Weapons Use, Citing “Serious Escalation”

Russia has officially threatened Britain with “retaliatory strikes beyond Ukraine” if Ukraine employs British-supplied weapons against Russian targets.

The threat came in response to remarks made by British Foreign Minister David Cameron, affirming Ukraine’s right to utilize weaponry provided by London to target Russian assets within Russian territory.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement published on its official website, condemned Cameron’s comments and cautioned Britain against involving itself in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The statement asserted that any attempt by Ukraine to attack Russia using British weapons would prompt retaliatory measures, extending beyond the borders of Ukraine.

“The British Ambassador was informed that the Russian side considers D. Cameron’s words as evidence of a serious escalation and confirmation of London’s growing involvement in hostilities on the side of Kyiv. N. Casey was warned that any military facilities and equipment of Great Britain on the territory of Ukraine and beyond could become targets in response to Ukrainian strikes using British weapons,” the statement said.

The British side has not yet issued a response.

This marks the first time Russia has explicitly threatened retaliatory strikes directly against a NATO member.

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