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Russian Forces Abduct and Execute Ukrainian Civilians in Vovchansk Amid Evacuations

Russian forces are holding civilians captive in the embattled northern part of Vovchansk, with reports of executions. Ukrainian authorities have opened investigations into potential war crimes as evacuation efforts continue.

In the northern part of Vovchansk, currently an active combat zone, Russian military personnel are taking civilians captive, according to Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko.

Despite ongoing evacuation efforts in the area, and the threats and shelling, the Ukrainian National Police have been working to evacuate people. However, Russian forces attempting to gain a foothold in the city have prevented evacuations by abducting residents and forcing them into basements.

There are reports of the first civilian executions by Russian forces. In one instance, a Vovchansk resident attempting to escape on foot was killed by Russian troops for refusing to follow their orders.

Investigators from the National Police of Ukraine in Kharkiv region have opened criminal proceedings into violations of the rules and customs of war.

Previously, local authorities in Vovchansk reported two missing volunteers, suspected of being killed by Russian troops.

Despite the intense clashes, evacuation teams from the National Police of Ukraine continue to work in Vovchansk to ensure the further evacuation of civilians.

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