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Russian Shelling of New York Village in Ukraine Leaves Four Civilians Killed, Three Injured


Four civilians were killed and three more injured, including an eight-year-old girl, in shelling by Russian forces on the village of New York, in the Donetsk Region, on the morning of June 28.

The Russian attack targeted the Toretsk Territorial Community with a guided aerial bomb KAB-250, according to Ukrainian authorities.

One projectile struck a private residence, wounding a 45-year-old man in the head.

Another projectile caused significant damage to a five-story apartment building, collapsing the entrance and killing four civilians between the ages of 43 and 76. A 39-year-old woman and her young daughter were also injured in the blast and sustained shrapnel wounds, bruises, and contusions. The child’s condition is considered serious.

The attack resulted in damage to both private homes and apartment buildings. Ukrainian prosecutors are actively investigating the incident as a potential war crime committed by Russia.

Earlier, on June 28, it was reported that Russian forces started employing the FAB-500 with a planning and correction module for the first time near Kharkiv.

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