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Suspected Russian GPS Jamming Disrupts Thousands of European Flights

A significant number of flights to and from Europe are reportedly encountering disruptions due to suspected Russian interference with GPS systems.

Based on data from, as reported by The Guardian, approximately 46,000 aircrafts have experienced issues over the Baltic Sea since August 2023, particularly in Eastern Europe. British holiday flights have also been impacted, with aviation sources denouncing the tactic as “extremely dangerous” and a significant threat to air safety.

Russia has faced accusations of jamming GPS signals in neighboring countries like Finland dating back to the 2010s, and recent incidents have drawn attention to the issue.

A notable incident involved the suspected jamming of a Royal Air Force aircraft carrying UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps. The aircraft, which was traveling back to Britain from Poland on March 13, was jammed for about 30 minutes. The GPS signal and internet onboard became inaccessible during the flight near Kaliningrad, where the jamming signals were believed to originate. A spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged the incident, describing it as “not unusual.”

The aircraft heavily rely on GPS for navigation, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority downplayed the risk to passenger safety:

“Aviation is one of the safest forms of air travel, and there are several safety protocols in place to protect navigation systems on commercial aircraft,” Glenn Bradley, the head of flight operations at the CAA, told the Guardian.

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