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Ukraine and Poland Sign Security Agreement


On July 8, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk signed an Agreement on Security Cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland.

According to the agreement, Poland will consider transferring to Ukraine no fewer than one additional squadron of MiG-29 jets (at least 14 fighters).

The document is the first among the already signed bilateral security agreements to provide for the possibility of intercepting missiles and drones in Ukraine’s airspace that are launched towards Poland.

The agreement contains a strong block on cooperation in the defense industry, including the placement of production facilities of Polish defense companies in Ukraine and the study of additional opportunities for joint defense production.

The document aims to strengthen cooperation in the non-military sphere, including intelligence, cybersecurity, maritime and information security, and protection of critical infrastructure.

Separate sections of the agreement deal with economic recovery and reconstruction, border infrastructure and the development of transit potential.

Political cooperation includes issues of European integration, implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula, sanctions, compensation for damages to Ukraine, and bringing the aggressor to justice. Poland clearly reaffirms its support for Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO.

In total, since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Poland has provided Ukraine with 44 military packages of various types of weapons and ammunition worth more than 4 billion euros. This year, Poland will provide several more packages of military assistance and, in accordance with the agreement, undertakes to continue to support Ukraine for the ten years of the document's validity.

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