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Ukraine Destroyed a Critical Russian Long-Range Radar System in Crimea

On the night of May 30, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) struck the Russian long-range radar detection complex “Sky-IED” in Crimea, according to Ukrainian national TV channel Army TV.

This radar complex near Armyansk, valued at $100 million, controlled a 380-kilometer stretch of the front, safeguarding Crimean targets. According to sources, a drone strike, reportedly carried out by the SSU’s military counter-intelligence units, disabled the radar. Space-based intelligence confirms the shutdown and has not detected any emissions since.

A successful SSU operation has significantly weakened Russian air defenses along a key stretch of the frontline, leaving their air defense systems practically “blind” in that area, according to the source.

This operation follows a series of successful operations eliminating military targets in Crimea and in several Russian regions.

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