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Ukraine Prepares New Maritime Strategy Amidst Black Sea Power Shifts, Zelenskyy Says


Ukraine is in the final stages of developing a new maritime strategy aimed at safeguarding its interests in the Black Sea region, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The strategy, set to be ratified by Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council soon, reflects the country’s evolving defense priorities following changes in regional power dynamics brought about by the ongoing Russian invasion.

Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine’s naval strategy considers recent geopolitical shifts and leverages the country’s technological advancements and international partnerships. He highlighted the diminished dominance of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, affirming Ukraine’s commitment to protecting its own maritime interests and those of its allies.

The president also acknowledged Ukrainian military personnel for their role in deploying drones effectively against Russian targets, characterizing Ukrainian drones as a globally recognized asset.

In response to Ukraine’s strategic developments, NATO has taken note of Ukraine’s successful utilization of marine drones and other technologies in the Black Sea conflict. Rear Admiral Timothy Henry, Deputy Commander of NATO’s Joint Force Command, underscored NATO’s interest in studying Ukraine’s combat tactics and integrating them into alliance strategies. He emphasized the importance of adapting to modern naval warfare dynamics and technological advancements.

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