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Ukraine Received Western Weapons With Permission to Strike Russia, Says Latvian Minister

The newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Baiba Braže, said that Ukraine has received Western weapons from some partners with permission to strike Russian territories. She made this statement during an interview with “European Pravda.”

Currently, Ukraine receives weapons from Western partners with a public warning to avoid using them outside of Ukraine. However, Braže believes this approach can change, and moreover, that it has already changed.

“There are countries that have already provided weapons to Ukraine without such restrictions,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. When asked for clarification, she confirmed that such countries do exist.

Braže explained that in these cases, the lifting of restrictions was not discussed publicly. “Of course, not everything is announced publicly, and it’s even better not to say it out loud until a certain time. The main thing is the impact on the battlefield. Because it is always a choice: whether to say something loudly or just do what is necessary,” she said.

Braže believes that Ukraine has the right to target Russian facilities used to attack Ukrainian territories. She asserts that such use of weapons is permitted by international law.

On April 26, 2024, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Baiba Braže, arrived in Ukraine on her first visit abroad. This visit reaffirms the priority role of Ukraine in Latvia’s security and foreign policy and demonstrates Latvia’s unwavering support for Ukraine in its freedom fight against Russia’s war of aggression.

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