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Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reacts to Orbán’s Visit to Russia

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Source: Wikipedia)
Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Source: Wikipedia)

In connection with the visit of Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán to Moscow on July 5, 2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement emphasizing that the decision to make this trip was made by the Hungarian side without agreement or coordination with Ukraine.

Various EU leaders have already weighed in on Orban’s visit to Moscow.

“We remind you that for our country the principle of ‘no agreements on Ukraine without Ukraine’ remains inviolable and we call on all countries to strictly adhere to it,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

The statement reiterated that the way to restore a just peace remains can only be achieved through the Peace Formula. 

“As evidenced by the first Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, in which Hungary also took part, more than a hundred states and international organizations share a vision of peace based on respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the UN Charter. The format of the Peace Summit is a key platform for finding ways to restore a just peace,” the statement said.

Ukraine remains constructively disposed to further work on the development of bilateral cooperation and European integration following the visit of the Prime Minister of Hungary to Kyiv.

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