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Ukrainian Forces Strike Russian Anti-Aircraft Complexes Inside Crimea


On June 10, Ukrainian forces conducted airstrikes against Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes in temporary occupied Crimea, as reported by General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The targets included an S-400 division near Dzhankoi and two S-300 divisions near Chornomorske and Yevpatoria.

In particular, the immediate cessation of the operation of the S-300/S-400 complexes' radars was recorded in the indicated areas after the strikes of Ukrainian missile launchers.

In addition, further detonation of ammunition was noted in all three areas of the launch positions of the Russian anti-aircraft missile divisions.

“Thanks to the successful combat work of the Defense Forces, the air defense of the Russian invaders in Ukrainian Crimea has suffered significant losses,” General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote.

Ukrainian Defense Forces have been successfully targeting critical Russian military equipment in temporarily occupied Crimea, with reports suggesting that “Ukrainians are systematically working to make Ukraine uninhabitable for Russian troops.”

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