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U.S. Contemplates Sending Military Advisers to Ukraine

As Russia appears to gain traction in the ongoing war, the United States is deliberating on dispatching additional military advisers to its embassy in Kyiv.

These advisers would offer guidance and assistance to the Ukrainian government and military, reported by Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder: “Currently, we are considering sending several additional advisers to augment the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) at the Embassy.”

The extra personnel would aid in logistical support and oversight for the weapons being provided to Ukraine and would assist the Ukrainian military with weapon maintenance.

Even in a non-combat capacity, the presence of additional troops would expand the U.S. military’s footprint in Ukraine, coinciding with the House’s recent approval of billions in military aid. Congress had previously delayed authorizing further assistance for Kyiv.

The Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin commented: “We’re already seeing things on the battlefield begin to shift a bit in Russia’s favor. We are seeing them make incremental gains. We’re seeing the Ukrainians be challenged in terms of holding the line.”

Ukraine has persistently asked for increased supplies of artillery, air defense systems, long-range missiles, and fighter jets. Frontline troops and leading politicians assert that these resources are crucial for Ukrainian forces to break Russian defenses and maintain their positions.

With the House’s endorsement of $60.8 billion in military aid for Ukraine, the Senate is expected to vote on the matter early next week.

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