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Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Hit by Drone Strike

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been informed of another attempted drone attack on April 18 at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), the Director General, Rafael Mariano Grossi, confirmed.

Luckily, no damage or casualties were reported.

This marks the third reported attack on the training center adjacent to the ZNPP in the recent weeks. The ZNPP informed the IAEA team stationed on-site that the drone was “neutralized,” but provided no further details.

The IAEA team heard an explosion at 10:35 am local time, coinciding with the reported drone attack, but were denied access to the training center.

This comes amid heightened concerns about nuclear safety and security at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, situated on the frontline. Director General Grossi emphasized that while the drone strikes haven’t compromised nuclear safety, they must cease immediately.

ZNPP has been occupied by Russian forces since March 2022. A new team of IAEA experts recently replaced their colleagues at the ZNPP, marking the 18th team since a permanent presence was established in September 2022. Director General Grossi stressed the urgent need for their continued presence, highlighting the recent drone attacks as a violation of established protection principles.

Additionally, the IAEA team observed outgoing artillery fire earlier in the week, being a near-daily occurrence in the area. Due to all reactors being in cold shutdown, nuclear safety and security remain precarious.

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