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How Much Do Weapons Cost? From The Smallest Land Mine To The Largest Missile System

How Much Do Weapons Cost? From The Smallest Land Mine To The Largest Missile System

We’ve all seen news headlines about millions and billions of dollars in military aid for Ukraine. For most people, numbers like these can feel abstract when the cost of a single guided artillery round is more than the houses we live in.

At the end of the day, what is the true price tag of war? We look at the numbers, from the smallest land mine to the largest missile system. 

Mine $3-$30 

Grenade $45 

Helmets  $150-$200

Kamikaze Drone  $200-$300 

155 mm Artillery Round  $3,500 

Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW) $33,000 

Stinger Anti-Air Missile $38,000

Shahed Drone $49,000 - $290,000 

Excalibur Guided Artillery Round  $130,000

Ukraine fires nearly four to seven thousand 155mm artillery rounds each day, that's anywhere between $14- $24.5 million. By contrast Russia fires nearly 20,000 rounds per day.  

Single HIMAR Missile  $150,000 

Javelin  $176,000 

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAP's) $300,000- $500,000 

ATACM Missile $1,000,000+ 

S-300 Air Defense System $2,000,000+

S-400 Air Defense System . $500,000,000-$700,000,000

S-500 Air Defense System  $2,500,000,000 

Iskandr-M Ballastic Missile  $3,000,000

Interceptor Missile for Patriot System  $4,000,000

M1 Abrams Tank $10,000,000 

MiG 29 $23,800,000 

Su-30 (Fighter Jet) $37,500,000

Su-27 (Fighter Jet) $41,200,000

Su-34 (Fighter Jet) $42,100,000

Su-35 (Fighter Jet) $76,400,000     

Leopard 2A7 Tank  $29,000,000 

Bradley Fighting Vehicle  $4,350,000 

Armored Personnel Carrier (Wheeled)  $5,000,000+ 

Armored Personnel Carrier (Tracked)  $10,000,000 - $15,000,000  

Leopard 2A7 Tank  $29,000,000 

F-16 Fighter Jet  $63,000,000

Patriot Missile System $1,100,000,000 ($400,000,000 for the system and $690,000,000 for the missiles) 

*All figures are approximates based on available data and may not reflect current pricing. Some pricing reflects training and maintenance costs. Exact pricing depends on the modification, as well as the specifics of the order, the volume and terms of the contract from suppliers. 

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