95 Investment Projects Worth $27 Billion: What Ukraine Has to Offer to Foreign Investors

Ukraine Investment Guide

The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 was held in Berlin, where Ukraine presented investment opportunities to private investors. Here’s what was showcased and the results achieved.

Approximately 700 people gathered in Berlin for the Ukraine Recovery Conference on June 11-12, representing both Ukrainian and foreign companies. Some showcased investment opportunities, while others considered the offers. In the first two days alone, 14 deals worth €560 million were signed, according to the Ministry of Economy.

This initial outcome is promising. However, Ukraine has many more investment opportunities for private investors worldwide.

Ukraine Investment Guide

The Ministry of Economy and the reputable Kyiv School of Economics prepared a comprehensive investment guide specifically for the Berlin conference. This guide features 95 projects across various sectors, from energy to IT.

The preparation of the guide was meticulous. About a year ago, companies needing investment were invited to submit applications, providing all necessary information for potential investors. Out of over a thousand applications, 95 were selected for their relevance, ambition, and feasibility.

Who Will Invest in a Country at War?

The guide’s creators have an answer to this question. During the Berlin conference, several significant agreements were signed regarding war risk insurance worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This insurance provides businesses with guarantees that their investments and projects will remain secure. A similar system is already in place: Ukraine, along with partners, provides guarantees to commercial vessels using Ukraine’s maritime corridor in the Black Sea, which has been successfully operating for the past six months.

Additionally, the Berlin conference highlighted the need to strengthen air defense systems. Subsequently, the USA and Germany confirmed they would provide Ukraine with additional Patriot air defense systems.

Investment Destinations

The guide offers opportunities in nine specific areas:

  1. Agrifood: 15 projects worth $400 million.

  2. Transportation and Logistics: 20 projects worth $5.3 billion.

  3. Energy: 15 projects worth $9.5 billion.

  4. Hydrogen: Joint investments with the Energy sector.

  5. Green Steel: 3 projects worth $3 billion.

  6. Critical Raw Materials: 10 projects worth $2.7 billion.

  7. Housing, Reconstruction, and Building Materials: 14 projects worth $5.4 billion.

  8. Pharmaceutical and Medical Sectors: 7 projects worth $500 million.

  9. Information and Communication Technology & Digital: 11 projects worth $200 million.

Focus on Profitable Investments

It’s essential to understand that the guide is designed to highlight investment opportunities aimed at attracting private funds with the goal of profit generation. For example, investing in solar energy, where one DTEK project requires $638 million out of a total investment of $976 million. These projects are crucial for meeting Ukraine’s energy needs, but under favorable conditions, energy projects in Ukraine are profitable, with many foreign companies investing in this sector before the full-scale invasion.

Another example is a project to build a new clinic in the Dobrobut network, with a total project cost of $26 million and required investments of $20 million. This will fund the construction of a new clinic in Lviv, set to launch by 2026.

The guide provides detailed descriptions of each industry and investment opportunity, offering investors a clear window into investing in Ukraine.

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