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David Cameron Warns of 'Extreme Danger' as Russian Troops Advance In Kharkiv Region

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in an interview with Sky News on May 12 said that the advancement of Russian troops near Kharkiv marks an “extremely dangerous” moment in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“This only underscores that this is an unjustified, illegal invasion into an independent, sovereign state,” stated the Foreign Secretary, commenting on the host’s introductory remark. “And now it seems he has once again invaded north of Kharkiv.”

According to Cameron, “we must do everything possible to help Ukrainians.” He emphasized the importance of London’s coordination of aid to Ukraine, which entails allocating £3 billion annually (approximately $3,7 billion). The UK Foreign Secretary urged other countries to follow this example.

Cameron also reminded that the UK has done significant work to “urge Americans to move forward with their aid package.” “It’s sad that it took so long, but it will change the situation,” concluded David Cameron.

On May 10th, President Zelenskyy verified reports of renewed Russian offensives in Kharkiv region, roughly 30 kilometers north of Kharkiv.

Ukrainian forces claimed to contain Russian troops within the “grey zone” villages along the border on May 11th. It’s been reported on May 12 that Russian forces have seized 6 settlements in the Kharkiv region.

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