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Denmark Allows Ukraine to Use F-16 Fighters for Strikes on Russian Territory

Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has stated that Ukraine will be able to use Danish F-16 fighters to strike military targets on Russian territory.

Rasmussen told reporters on May 30 in Brussels that this position is not new and had been discussed long ago.

"This is not a new position, it is part of the transfer," the minister said. "When we discussed this with our foreign affairs committee in the Danish parliament, we made it clear from the very beginning that this is part of self-defense, so that it is also possible to attack military targets on the territory of the aggressor."

Earlier, Ukraine has agreed to a condition that it will only use the F-16 aircraft that will be provided by Belgium on its own territory. The country is expected to transfer 30 fighters to us by 2028, with the first arriving in 2024.

This issue of Ukraine striking Russia’s territory with Western weaponry has become a subject of public debate following NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg's call for Alliance members to consider easing restrictions on strikes against Russia with Western weapons. “The right to self-defence includes hitting legitimate targets outside Ukraine,” NATO Chief stated.

Several European countries have not objected to Ukraine using their weapons to strike Russia.

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