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Everything You Need to Know About the 75th NATO Summit and What It Means for Ukraine


The NATO summit, marking its 75th anniversary, has concluded in Washington. Here are the key decisions for Ukraine:

  1. NATO members declared "tangible" progress in Ukraine's reforms, affirming that Ukraine's accession is "irreversible" and pledging support for its Euro-Atlantic integration path. The decisions made at the summit are seen as a "bridge" toward Ukraine's membership in the bloc, though no specific timelines were outlined in the final declaration.

  2. NATO members have agreed on a €40 billion assistance plan for Ukraine in 2025, with the bloc committing to this aid. The United States will cover half of this amount, with allies covering the other half. These funds will be allocated for military assistance, related procurements, goods, and training.

  3. A senior NATO representative will be stationed in Ukraine to assist with reforms and necessary changes for accession. This representative will report to Brussels and the new military command, named NATO Security and Training Assistance for Ukraine (NSATU) in Wiesbaden, Germany, which is being established to coordinate military equipment deliveries and Ukrainian forces' training.

  4. Ukraine will receive additional air defense systems: Germany and Romania will transfer two Patriot batteries, the Netherlands and its partners will transfer one, and the United States will also provide one. Italy will supply the SAMP-T system. In the coming months, the US and its allies will transfer NASAMS, HAWK, IRIS-T, and Gepard systems.

  5. Norway will send six F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine this year. Denmark and the Netherlands have already commenced the process of transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. They will be operational in Ukrainian skies as early as this summer.

    Ukraine's pursuit of NATO membership is a direct response to Russia's actions. Initially neutral, Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea and aggression in Donbas shattered Ukraine's security, prompting a shift in public opinion. Enshrining this goal in its constitution in 2019, Ukraine formally applied for NATO membership in 2022 following Russia's invasion, underscoring its steadfast commitment to security within the alliance.

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