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German Defense Minister: No Deployment of Troops to Ukraine Despite EU and French Discussions

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has stated that German troops will not be deployed to Ukraine. Pistorius made this clear during government hearings in the Bundestag on Wednesday, June 5.

Responding to a question from lawmaker Rüdiger Lucassen of the right-wing populist party “Alternative for Germany” regarding discussions within the European Union and France about the deployment of German troops to Ukraine, Pistorius replied, “The answers to your questions are both no.”

At the same time, Pistorius underlined the need for Germany’s readiness for a potential conflict with Russia in 2029, adding:

“The cost of a Russian victory in Ukraine would outweigh current aid to Kyiv,” Pistorius cautioned.

In late February, French President Emmanuel Macron did not dismiss the possibility of deploying Western troops, including French soldiers, to Ukraine. However, Macron emphasized that this was still a theoretical discussion. He has since reiterated this possibility multiple times.

At the end of May, Reuters reported, citing diplomatic sources, that France may soon send military instructors to Ukraine. It was suggested that this decision could be announced during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to France on June 6-7.

In addition to France, Poland is also considering sending instructors to Ukraine, along with the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries.

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