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Kyiv Plans Second Summit on Peace for Ukraine Before US Elections, Reports Bloomberg


Kyiv intends to convene a second summit to achieve a fair peace settlement in Ukraine before the US elections in November, this time with Russia's participation, states Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter.

This initiative follows the Summit on Peace for Ukraine held in Switzerland last month, which involved representatives from over 90 countries with Russia not invited. Many of these nations, including China, which did not attend the Swiss meeting, have long advocated for Moscow's inclusion.

The urgency to organize the meeting before the US elections reflects Ukraine's concerns about the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House. Earlier in June, Republican presidential nominee has stated during the debate that he would “end the war in Ukraine” even before his “election as president.” Trump added that he would ensure that “Zelenskyy and Putin get along,” implying a diplomatic solution under his leadership.

Ukraine sees the summit process as crucial for establishing foundational principles of a just peace before engaging directly with Russia. The Swiss summit addressed issues such as nuclear safety, food security, and the return of abducted children, providing a starting point for initial contacts with Russian officials.

A Ukrainian official speaking on terms of anonymity confirmed plans for the second summit before the US elections, emphasizing the need for meticulous organization and clear objectives, as noted by officials from Western allied nations. However, some US officials, preferring to remain anonymous as well, are skeptical about the feasibility of a summit involving Russia and Ukraine.

Speaking at the Reagan Institute in Washington on July 9, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the US to support organizing the second summit to ensure its effectiveness and decisive impact.

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