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Naftogaz Chief Calls on Europe to Protect Ukraine’s Gas Storage Sites From Russian Strikes

The head of Ukraine’s largest national oil and gas company, Naftogaz, Oleksiy Chernyshov appealed to the European Union to protect gas storage sites from Russian strikes.

"It is of interest of the EU to protect storage, transportation, and production [facilities], given that Ukraine’s gas infrastructure is 'well integrated' into Europe’s energy system," said the CEO to the Financial Times.

Europe has been storing its natural gas in the Ukrainian gas storage as an alternative to depleting its reserves. Despite Russia’s intensified attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, including gas storage sites, Ukraine’s underground gas storage tanks remained unaffected. On the contrary, above-ground gas storage facilities sustained damage.

“Technologically, we’re all fit, and we have managed to repair the [damaged surface] equipment and we fulfill our obligations [to our customers]” after the attacks, Chernyshov said.

Chernyshov stated that European stakeholders continue to express interest in utilizing the storage facilities this year. The company aims to boost the volume of European natural gas stored in Ukraine from 2.5 billion cubic meters last year to 4 billion during the upcoming winter season.

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