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NATO Plans Strategic Alliance Talks with South Korea on Ukraine Defense at Washington Summit, Stoltenberg Says


NATO aims to establish practical cooperation with South Korea regarding Ukraine, as announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the upcoming summit in Washington scheduled for July 9-11, 2024. Stoltenberg stated that NATO will discuss ways to build practical cooperation with South Korea concerning Ukraine during the summit.

According to reports, Stoltenberg made these remarks during a press conference dedicated to the forthcoming NATO summit in Washington. He outlined that NATO will develop practical cooperation through flagship projects focusing on Ukraine, cyber and new technologies. Additionally, discussions will include cooperation with South Korea in defense industries.

“A flagship project partly concerns the medical education of Ukrainian soldiers. We are also exploring how we can expand intelligence sharing with South Korea,” Stoltenberg noted.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation with Indo-Pacific partners at a time when Russia continues its war in Ukraine with support from North Korea, Iran, and China.

“Iran and North Korea fuel the Russian war effort through drones and projectiles. China supports Russia’s military economy and supplies dual-use microelectronics and other goods,” Stoltenberg added.

Recently, the South Korean government indicated it would review its arms supply position to Ukraine following the signing of a mutual assistance agreement between North Korea and Russia, which commits immediate military aid in case of attack.

South Korea’s National Security Advisor Chang Ho-jin stated that the country will determine the extent of arms shipments to Ukraine based on Russia’s evolving relationship with North Korea.

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