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Orbán Urges Zelenskyy to Consider Ceasefire for Accelerated Peace Talks with Russia


During talks in Kyiv on Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suggested an immediate ceasefire along the current front lines with Russian forces, a key element of pro-Russian “peace plans.” However, Orbán clarified that he did not insist on this proposal, respecting Ukrainian perspectives on ending the conflict, albeit with concerns about the lengthy diplomatic process.

Orbán highlighted the potential for a ceasefire to accelerate negotiations with Russia, emphasizing that his suggestion aimed to explore alternative approaches. He expressed gratitude for President Zelenskyy’s openness on the matter and pledged to discuss the issue further with European Union leaders.

President Zelenskyy, while not directly addressing the ceasefire proposal, noted Hungary’s support for Ukrainian peace initiatives at a recent summit in Switzerland. These discussions underscore ongoing efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties amid complex challenges in Eastern Europe.

During a joint press briefing, Orbán endorsed Zelenskyy’s proposal for establishing a Ukrainian school in Hungary and acknowledged progress in resolving issues concerning Hungary’s minority in Ukraine. Zelenskyy welcomed the talks as laying the foundation for a potential future agreement between Ukraine and Hungary, focusing on European security, international law, and pathways to peace.

Adding to the ongoing developments, President Zelenskyy and Prime Minister Orbán have also announced their intention to work towards a comprehensive bilateral agreement aimed at resolving longstanding issues between Ukraine and Hungary. The leaders highlighted the significance of their discussions in Kyiv as laying the groundwork for this future agreement, emphasizing mutual respect and cooperation.

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