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Romanian Citizen Arrested for Alleged Espionage in Favor of Russia

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has arrested a Romanian citizen suspected of treason and spying for Russia.

The detained man has allegedly filmed and photographed military convoys passing through Romania since 2022 and passed the information to the Russian embassy. This was reported by the Romanian publication Digi24.

During searches of the detainee’s house, several means of evidence of espionage in favor of Russia were found and seized.

Previously, European intelligence agencies alerted their respective governments that Russia was scheming to carry out violent acts of sabotage across the continent, including explosions, arson, and damage to infrastructure on European territory, directly and through cover persons.

The Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas reported in a commentary to the Associated Press that Russia is waging a “shadow war” against the West and called for the recognition that the rising sabotage activities are not isolated events.

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