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Russia Halts Using Crimean Bridge for Military Supply Lines

Russia has stopped using the Crimean bridge to supply its troops with weapons and equipment, resorting to using overland routes.

This was reported by Ukrainian private intelligence agency Molfar.

The analysis of satellite images shows that almost no military freight trains have been running on the bridge’s railway line in over three months.

The agency reports that the movement of Russian military trains on the Crimean Bridge has been stopped as a result of last year’s effective drone attack on the illegal Kerch bridge in July 2023, where the crossing’s support was destroyed. The explosion damaged both the roadway and the railway segment.

“Before the shelling of the bridge, 42 to 46 trains carrying weapons and ammunition crossed daily, but now it’s 4-5: four for passenger transportation and one for general goods,” said the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Maliuk.

In November 2023, Russia started constructing a railway from Akimivka in Kursk Region, Russia to temporarily occupied Berdyansk in Zaporizhzhia Region, Ukraine.

Molfar CEO Artem Starosiek proposed that Ukraine should focus on disrupting the new land routes instead of targeting the Crimean Bridge.

“These routes pose a greater threat at present than the inactive railway path of the Crimean Bridge,” said Starosiek.

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