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Russia Attacks Kharkiv Region, Injures at Least 13

Russia Attacks Kharkiv Region, Injures at Least 13
The aftermath of Russia’s attack on Balakliya. (Source: Kharkiv Region Prosecutor’s Office)

Around 17:00 on April 25, Russia hit the railway station of Balakliya city in the Izyum district of Kharkiv Region, Ukraine. The wounded passengers were sitting on the train "Kharkiv - Izyum".

Oleh Syniehubov, the Governor of Kharkiv Region, reported 10 people being injured, 5 women and 5 men.

All rescue services are working on-site.

The type of missile and other attack details are currently being established.

Russia has intensified its attacks on Kharkiv and the surrounding Kharkiv Region. They are using missiles, glide bombs, and drones to target critical energy infrastructure and kill civilians. 

In late March, Russia destroyed all electrical substations in Kharkiv, severely disrupting power supplies in Ukraine's second-largest city.

On April 22, Russia destroyed the Kharkiv TV tower in an aerial attack. The tower began operating in 1981 and stood for 43 years.

Targeting Railway stations is not a new Russian tactic. On April 8, 2022, Russia launched a missile strike on the railway station of Kramatorsk city, Donetsk Region, killing 53 civilians.

Editor’s note: This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available

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