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Switzerland Reports Rise in Cyber Attacks and Disinformation Prior to Summit on Peace for Ukraine


Switzerland has reported an increase in cyber attacks and disinformation ahead of the Summit on Peace for Ukraine scheduled for June 15-16.

According to Reuters, Swiss President Viola Amherd stated at a press conference that cyber attacks have increased in recent weeks.

However, Amherd clarified that Switzerland will not summon the Russian ambassador, despite wanting to due to the intensity of the disinformation campaign, which she described as having little basis in reality: “We haven’t summoned the ambassador, but I wanted to, because the disinformation campaign is so strong that almost nothing in it reflects reality,” she explained.

Reuters also quotes Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, who stated that there is a clear “interest” in disrupting the conference but avoided directly attributing the attacks to Russia when asked about their involvement.

Minister Cassis mentioned that the summit will address issues of international concern such as the need for Ukraine’s nuclear and food security, freedom of navigation, and humanitarian issues like prisoner exchanges.

Cassis noted that the summit aims to conclude with the adoption of a final declaration on the roadmap for justice and peace in Ukraine, ideally with unanimous support, and to determine the next steps in the peace process.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba pointed to Russia’s intensified efforts to sabotage the summit. He outlined Russia’s tactics: discrediting the summit, persuading countries not to participate, and urging low-level attendance.

According to him, these actions, including recent cyberattacks and border tensions, are part of Russia’s broader strategy to undermine the summit and disrupt Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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