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Syrskyi: Russia Is Building up Forces Near Kharkiv Region, but They Are Not Enough to Break Through Ukrainian Defenses

Russian forces continue to amass in the direction of Strilcha - Lypts—and in the Vovchansk area—by transferring additional regiments and brigades from other directions and training grounds, said Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine's Armed Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi.

However, these forces are currently insufficient for a full-scale offensive and a breakthrough of our defenses, according to his report.

“In addition, the enemy's actions are complicated by the strengthening of our defense due to the timely decision to transfer reserves to threatened directions,” stated Syrskyi. The creation of an ammunition reserve has also ensured effective engagement of the enemy and reduced its offensive capabilities.”

Russian army has switched to the tactics of destroying Ukrainian positions with artillery fire and KAB strikes. In these conditions, the primary importance is the physical destruction of KAB carrier aircraft, reconnaissance UAVs and fire spotters, the protection of troops with electronic warfare, camouflage and the use of mockups.

“Therefore, first of all, we are taking urgent measures to improve the air defense control system, its automation and integration with the fire assets of the ground forces in conjunction with the electronic warfare system,” Commander-in-Chief said.

On May 10, Russia started a new wave of offensive actions in the northern Kharkiv region. Recent reports from the Ukrainian military indicate that The Defense Forces of Ukraine have halted Russian troops in that direction and are conducting counteroffensive actions.

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