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Ukraine and EU Have Signed a Historic Bilateral Security Agreement. Here’s What it Includes

Ukraine and EU Have Signed a Historic Bilateral Security Agreement. Here’s What it Includes
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On June 27, Ukraine and the European Union signed a security agreement on the sidelines of the EU Summit. The agreement was signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his visit to Brussels.

The agreement covers the supply of arms to Ukraine, military training, defense industry cooperation, and demining.

Security agreements were also signed with Lithuania and Estonia.

The text of the document contained two main sections on security guarantees, each with nine points, including:

  • €50 billion will be allocated for the next 4 years within the framework of the Ukraine Facility program; funds to reimburse EU countries for weapons provided to Ukraine from the European Peace Fund; €5 billion for weapons from the Fund for Aid to Ukraine, and profits from frozen Russian assets.

  • the long-term supply of military equipment, military training, defense reform, cooperation between the defense industries of Ukraine and the EU, cybersecurity, and intelligence exchange.

  • the “future of Ukraine and its citizens in the European Union,” demining and reconstruction, continued support for refugees, preservation and strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions, and the creation of a special tribunal for the Russian political elite.

  • an action plan in the event of possible future aggression, including urgent consultations to take place within a day.

For the first time, this agreement will guarantee the commitment of all 27 member states to provide Ukraine with broad support despite any internal institutional changes.

Earlier, Zelenskyy announced that three security agreements were planned to be signed in Brussels, one of which is with the European Union.

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