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Ukraine Debuts 'Lancet' Counterpart Drone

Ukraine Debuts 'Lancet' Counterpart Drone

Ukraine has unveiled a powerful new weapon in its arsenal – a domestically produced drone capable of striking Russian targets with precision over long distances.

On Ukraine’s Defense Industry Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was presented with a Ukrainian counterpart to the Russian Lancet UAV, capable of targeting both stationary and moving objects while carrying a 3 kg warhead. The unveiling, which occurred on April 13, showcased a cutting-edge loitering munition designed to strike targets over 100 km away.

Although the name of the drone remains confidential, its effectiveness is evident, having already neutralized a Russian anti-aircraft missile system along the frontline. Launched by a catapult, the drone’s X-shaped fuselage grants maneuverability, allowing it to engage targets from various angles, including perpendicular approaches.

According to Militarnyi, the drone, operating at speeds up to 180 km/h, primarily targets slower-moving objects, similar to Russian models like the Orlan-10, Zala, and Lancet drones. Additionally, it poses a theoretical threat to hovering helicopters or those on collision courses.

Furthermore, the integration of a machine vision system enables automatic target acquisition, enhancing precision and efficiency. Although still undergoing refinement and testing, this unmanned system shows promise for continual use in combat zones.

While the cost of the drone remains undisclosed, developers suggest it aligns with typical Ukrainian tactical drone prices. As tensions persist, advancements in drone technology offer Ukraine a critical edge in its defense strategy against Russian aggression.

Photo: Andrii Yermak via Telegram

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