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Ukraine Is Capable to Win and Has a Plan, but More Weaponry Is Needed, Says Defense Minister Umierov


Ukraine is capable of winning the war initiated by Russia, but the country needs more weapons and permission to strike military targets deep within Russian territory. Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umierov stated this in an interview with the American television channel Fox News on July 10.

Umierov added that permission for strikes with American weapons deep into Russia is not escalation but rather helps protect Ukrainian civilians and civilian objects.

"Russia is already escalating this war. They disregard people, which is why they attack hospitals and other civilian objects. We want to protect people. We want to strike only military targets. They shell our cities and critical infrastructure, killing people. That's why we need more air defense systems and weapons to protect our people," Umierov explained.

At the end of May, Washington authorized Kyiv to strike Russian forces attacking Ukraine across the border. Other Western countries also granted Kyiv permission to target objects within Russian territory using their weapons.

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