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Ukraine’s Hockey Team Dominates 2024 World Championship with 9-0 Win Over China

The Ukrainian national hockey team secured a resounding 9-0 victory over China in their third match of the 2024 World Championship Division IB, held in Tallinn, Estonia.

Under the guidance of coach Dmitry Khristich, Ukraine’s squad showcased their prowess on the ice, netting an impressive four goals in the opening period alone. The momentum carried into the second period with two more goals, followed by additional three goals in the final period, sealing their third consecutive triumph in as many games.

With this latest win, Ukraine solidifies its position at the top of Division IB. Their previous victories include an 8-0 triumph over Estonia in the tournament opener and a commanding 4-0 win against the Netherlands.

Looking ahead, the Ukrainian team still has two matches remaining in the competition. On May 1st, Ukraine will clash with Spain, followed by a final showdown against Lithuania on May 3rd. Notably, the Division IB tournament is hosted in Lithuania.

The stakes are high in this tournament, as the victor earns promotion to Division IA, while the bottom-ranked team faces relegation to Division IIA. As Ukraine continues its winning streak, anticipation builds for their upcoming matches as they strive for championship glory.

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