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Ukrainian Naval Drone Strike Sinks Russian Speedboat in Occupied Crimea

In a successful operation within the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, a unit of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Main Directorate (GUR) codenamed “Group 13” managed to destroy a Mangust-class patrol speedboat.

Boats of this class are used by Russia’s fleet and special services as multi-purpose high-speed vessels for patrolling the water area, fighting against saboteurs, as well as search and rescue operations.

The operation utilized a Magura V5 strike sea drone, a weapon platform that has proven effective against Russian naval assets in the Black Sea. This mission, conducted in Vuzka Bay, was made possible with the support of the United24 fundraising platform.

This latest success adds to the growing list of Russian vessels sunk or damaged by Ukrainian forces using Magura V5 drones. Previously, these drones were responsible for the destruction of the ships “Caesar Kunikov,” “Ivanovets,” “Sergey Kotov,” “Akula,” and “Serna,” while also inflicting damage on the “Ivan Khurs.”

The Ukrainian military highlights that their attacks have forced the Russian Black Sea Fleet to relocate its larger vessels further away from Crimea. However, the fight continues against the smaller, more maneuverable Russian military boats illegally operating in Ukrainian territorial waters.

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