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US and Ukraine Are Discussing Permission to Use American Weapons for Strikes Deep on Russian Territory

M142 HIMARS. (Source: Getty Images)
M142 HIMARS. (Source: Getty Images)

The US is in talks with Ukraine regarding granting permission to use American long-range weapons for strikes on the territory deep into Russia.

This was reported by Chris Smith, US Deputy Assistant Secretary, in an interview for the Voice of America.

Smith stated that the US condemns Russia’s recent massive attack on Ukraine, which targeted Ohmatdyt’s Children’s Hospital and residential areas.

He exclusively told Voice of America that the US is "carefully and closely working with our Ukrainian counterparts to adapt and adjust the security assistance and the guidelines we provide with that assistance to counter these threats."

"These discussions are ongoing. I do not want to "telegraph" any of our strikes to the Russians, but we are working carefully with Ukraine on this critical issue and will continue to cooperate closely."

On July 9, during the NATO Summit in Washington, DC, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the US to lift the restrictions and allow targeting bases deep inside Russia.

“We can protect cities from Russian glide bombs if American leadership takes a step forward allowing us to destroy Russian military aircraft on their bases. This will yield an instant result. We are waiting for it,” Zelenskyy said.

“We will do everything in our power to help Ukraine counter these threats: either in the air or to strike them at their bases, in a way that is consistent with our policy," the US Deputy Assistant Secretary added.

On June 1, the US permitted Ukraine to use American-supplied weapons, such as HIMARS, to target Russian positions but only near the border with the Kharkiv region, following Russia's renewed offensive on May 10. 

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