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US Announces $225 Military Aid Package Including HIMARS Ammunition


The United States will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth approximately $225 million, officials announced on June 6, according the AP report.

This package includes ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), crucial for defending the city of Kharkiv from the ongoing Russian assault.

Previously, it was reported that Ukraine had likely used HIMARS to destroy S-300/400 SAMs, that were located near the border with Belgorod, Russia.

Additionally, mortar systems and various artillery rounds are included in the aid.

To get Ukraine these supplies faster, the US is using presidential drawdown authority. This mechanism allows the US to swiftly transfer pre-existing systems and munitions from their stockpiles directly to the Ukrainian warzone.

Beyond the previously announced HIMARS ammunition, the package contains a comprehensive arsenal. This includes missiles for the HAWK air defense system, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems, powerful 155mm Howitzers, armored vehicles, and a variety of additional equipment. Notably, patrol boats, demolition materials, and a range of spare parts are also included.

After the US officially confirmed that Ukraine can use American-supplied weapons on Russian territory, it has been reported that Ukraine had already striked Russia in a counterfire in the areas bordering Kharkiv.

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