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President of Finland: We Will Do Everything for Ukraine to Win

Finnish President Alexander Stubb, during a visit to Estonia, engaged in discussions regarding aid to Ukraine.

According to a report by Yle, Stubb emphasized the necessity for all security policies to prioritize supporting Ukraine. He pointed out that Europe is lagging behind in providing military assistance to Kyiv.

"At the moment, discussions about deploying troops are speculation, and Finland's position has not changed. Finland will do everything to help Ukraine win," Stubb stated.

In response to a question from Yle regarding the potential deployment of troops from Poland and the Baltic states to Ukraine, Estonian President Alar Karis suggested that NATO forces could help relieve Ukrainian troops from support duties, including demining tasks.

"There have been discussions on this topic as well," Karis said. "Ukraine's position is that they need weapons at this time, not troops."

The agenda of the Finnish leader's visit to Estonia included bilateral relations between the countries, security and defense, as well as energy issues and critical infrastructure.

Last week, Russia announced a government decree with Moscow's intentions to unilaterally alter maritime borders in the Baltic Sea. However, the decree disappeared from the website shortly after its publication.

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