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Ukrainian Military Personnel Completes F-16 Maintenance Training in Netherlands

Ten Ukrainian military personnel have undergone training in the Netherlands to service F-16 fighter jets, as reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

Ukrainian personnel were taught to service all components of the fighter jet that are important for the pilot, including the helmet, oxygen systems, and onboard parachutes.

The training also included assembling and checking of the survival kit, which allows the pilot to stay alive for several days after an emergency landing. The kit, in particular, includes food and medicine.

The training program was developed by the Flight Safety Equipment Cluster.

“F-16 pilots are essentially putting their lives in the hands of the soldiers who service the aircraft,” a cluster representative noted. “The moment they take off, they know they can rely on the knowledge and skills of these people.”

Earlier this month, Ukraine has received its first F-16 fighter jet simulator, which was transferred by the Czech Republic to one of the tactical aviation brigades.

Ukrainian military pilots and technicians are currently undergoing training in the USA, UK, France, Denmark, and Romania. It is expected that Ukraine will have the first F-16 fighters and trained pilots in the summer of 2024.

Earlier this year, the United24 Media team travelled to see Ukrainian pilots training in Denmark.

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