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UN Agency Calls Out Russia for European Satellite Interference


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the UN, demanded that Russia stop interfering with the operation of European satellite systems. This was reported by the Reuters on Monday, June 1.

Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg filed a complaint against satellite interference in recent months, which jammed GPS signals and interfered, in particular, with the control of aircraft flights. The interference additionally interrupted children's TV channels with violent images of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

It was stated that disruptions to the French and Swedish satellite networks appeared to originate from earth stations in the areas of Moscow, Kaliningrad, and Pavlovka, describing them as "extremely worrisome and unacceptable".

A significant number of flights to and from Europe have reportedly been encountering disruptions due to suspected Russian interference with GPS systems. According to a recent report by The Telegraph, Russia has been accused of disrupting GPS signals during hundreds of British military flights.

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